Why the technical back end of your website can limit your organic search traffic and ultimately your Income

Most companies today realise they need a website. Whether it’s to secure a prominent spot on the front page of Google or simply to establish their presence and credibility as a legitimate business, having a website has become a necessity. Some companies also utilise their websites for selling products and event tickets, and RAAD festival is no exception. Established in 2016 and organised by the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, RAADfest stands as the world’s largest annual gathering dedicated to the pursuit of super-longevity. It represents a unique fusion of scientific exploration, entertainment, and enjoyment. They cover a wide range of topics from brain longevity to sexual health and mobility. RAADfest offers valuable knowledge and motivational inspiration to empower individuals on their journey toward a longer and healthier life. The annual festival has gained popularity, with the first event in 2016 attracting over 1000 attendees, and this trend continues. Tickets for the event can be purchased on their website. However, a surprising fact limits their organic search traffic which impacts their ticket sales. We will explore why in this article.

To get to the top of Google it is not enough to create a website, even with the help of AI

Creating your own website is now simpler than ever. In the past, only those who knew how to code could do it. Today, website hosting platforms like Wix allow you to create your website quickly using drag-and-drop features. The advancement of AI has further streamlined the process, leading many companies to believe they can save money by building their websites themselves. A few weeks later, they expect their site to attract organic search traffic by magically appearing on the front page of Google. The current hype around AI and the promise of instant wealth if you just follow one magic trick further fuel this belief. YouTube is inundated with advertisements and content depicting people enjoying a luxurious lifestyle with abundant wealth and vacations on tropical islands. These are real-life examples featuring real people, so it’s easy to see why people believe it’s attainable. All you need is to discover this one secret. However, the issue is that such a secret doesn’t actually exist. Yes, some people go viral on social media with their first video, just as some people win the lottery every week. The problem arises when you don’t know how to replicate it.?

A functional website can attract a substantial amount of organic search traffic

However, generating a significant amount of traffic to your website can be done relatively quickly by paying for ads or securing media coverage. Yet, unless you are already an established brand with strong media connections, these approaches come at a high cost. Alternatively, a more time-consuming but worthwhile strategy is to invest the effort needed to generate organic search traffic over time. This not only results in consistent monthly traffic that many dream of, but also strengthens your brand with each step. If your company appears on the front page when people search for topics related to your expertise, the opportunities to leverage this visibility are boundless. It’s essential to emphasise that creating a website is just the beginning of the journey. Even if your website looks like it was crafted by an award-winning design agency, the back-end coding is more critical than you might think when it comes to generating traffic.

Understanding how your technical back end affects your website traffic is essential

Google dispatches automated programs called “crawlers” to explore websites. These crawlers depend on the back-end code to locate and comprehend your site’s content. If the code is messy or unclear, Google may struggle to determine your site’s purpose. Several components, such as loading speed, mobile friendliness, and security, require consideration. Google favors websites that load quickly to provide a positive user experience. With more people using their mobile phones for searches, Google employs a “mobile-first approach” to assess how well your website functions on mobile devices. Furthermore, Google prioritises user safety. If your website’s back-end code is susceptible to hacks or contains security vulnerabilities, it may not rank well because Google avoids directing users to unsafe websites.

In simple terms, proficient back-end coding enhances Google’s understanding of your site, ensures swift loading and mobile compatibility, and maintains security. All these factors collectively contribute to your website’s visibility by affecting organic search traffic from Google’s search results.

Organic search traffic can accelerate your business to new heights 

The popularity of RAAD is on the rise, featuring renowned public speakers and receiving recognition from prominent outlets like the BBC and The Guardian. Pre-registration for their annual events begins at a special price of $577, a pricing strategy that seems to work well as their community and reputation continue to grow. Their website boasts a sleek design and evident efforts to make it accessible and appealing. However, their back-end website has a score of 31 out of 100. Their areas for improvement are similar to those found on many websites: third-party code is slowing it down, and both CSS and JavaScript coding require optimisation, tasks best entrusted to experts in the field. Yet, there are actions they can take themselves, such as optimising their images. Moreover, seeking expert assistance to enhance your website’s back end can have a significant and positive impact on its performance. It enhances user experience, improves search engine rankings, and enhances overall online success. However, it’s crucial to ensure that all aspects of your website, including front-end design, content quality, and security, meet high standards to maximize the benefits of these improvements. ¬†This can ultimately lead to significantly more organic search traffic, increased ticket sales, and an enhanced brand reputation. Something I am sure the RAAD festival will appreciate. This can ultimately lead to even more people hearing about their event and getting knowledge about what they can do to improve their health.¬†


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