The Intersection of AI Marketing and Health Data Trends

AI marketing insights and data analytics for health brands

Oh no… not another corporate blog! Don’t worry we are not here to brag. AI is changing the digital marketing landscape and we are here to guide you through. We deep dive into the real impact of AI on SEO and social media and offer practical advice for everyone in digital marketing. Secondly, since we are a specialist health marketing agency we also monitor and analyse online health data trends. We outline what is happening and what you need to watch out for. 

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How to Get More Fans on Instagram – 23 Proven Steps Without Using Fake AI Tactics

Let’s start with the bad news. There are no hacks or magic tricks despite what Zach on YouTube says. “10,000 followers in 30 days” screams his video headline, only for you to spend 45 minutes learning absolutely nothing. This is because…

15-step guide to building an advanced content marketing strategy using AI

What’s the ROI on that!? Sniggers the try-hard who always tries to sound insightful. This is a common problem for anyone who has decided to mention content marketing as a way to grow in a corporate meeting. Such is the scepticism anyone would think you have just suggested forming an NSYNC tribute band to attract new clients…

How to Build a Social Media Strategy That Actually Delivers Results

I bet you want a quick solution. A social media strategy that is fast, painless and makes you rich. “Show me the money” you scream in true Jerry Maquire fashion. All you need is a bulletproof social strategy. A bit like the genius strategy Chandler from Friends invented when he concocted a story about being transferred with work to Yemen. It was brilliant as it meant…

Why artificial intelligence search engines won’t replace Google

AI and marketing gurus are shouting from the rooftops how new AI search engines will destroy Google and the SEO business. Yet, their argument is flawed. It fails to understand the commercial or technical realities of the search engine industry. The world of search is moving faster than it has since then the end of the 1990s. However, questions remain as to what AI search engines will look like and what will be their true impact.

The Ultimate guide to AI and social media: Why the revolution will be different to what the “experts” say

In May 1876, Alexander Graham Bell delivered the first public demonstration of the telephone to the world, standing in front of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was left “surprised to be greeted by a hearty round of applause (which was) an unusual thing (that had never) happened before (at the academy).” Over 140 years later, you are unlikely to get such a reaction to using a phone…

AI and SEO: How AI is going to change SEO and what you need to do to be ready

AI is reshaping SEO as we know it. Gartner predicts a 25% decline in traditional search engine volume by 2026, with platforms like Gemini and ChatGPT leading the charge. Whilst the search engine market will be impacted, it wont be in the ways people think. As AI evolves, quality content will become more important then ever. We explore, what this all means for the industry, cutting through the noise and doomsday predictions. SEO professionals must adapt, leveraging AI’s capabilities to enhance user experience while prioritizing authority and relevance. Mastering AI-driven SEO is key to staying ahead of the curve.

From Wim Hof to Your Bathtub, Why Cold Baths Are the Hottest Trend: A Cold Therapy Consumer Insight Industry Report

Cold therapy represents a paradigm shift in how we think about health. We use our data machines to analyse online trends into cold therapy. As our exploration unfolds, we ask are is cold therapy really a surging trend or is it just noise generated in the echo chambers of social media. We analyse how trends are shaping across the world and why.

Psychedelic Compound Industry Report: Consumer Insights Reveal Surge in Interest, Prompting Concerns About Illegal Use

Once associated with counterculture, psychedelics are now at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry. Anticipating a shift from a $2.6 billion to a $7.1 billion market by 2032, analysts foresee a 10.9% compound annual growth rate. Success hinges on emerging research, showing promise in treating conditions like PTSD. However, obstacles like public perceptions and limited research on long-term effects persist. In this report, we analyse online data. Moreover we reveale consumer sentiments that will shape the future of the Psychedelic Compound Industry.

What is methylene blue used for? The Rising Health Trend of Methylene Blue Revealed in a Comprehensive Consumer Insight Report

What purpose does Methylene Blue serve? Consumers are employing it to enhance their cognitive function. In this consumer insight report, we examine online data to unveil the intricacies of this trend. As a digital agency specialising in healthcare, we interpret substantial amounts of online information, revealing the motivations behind its usage and the associated concerns.

Ozempic User Insight Report: Over 1m searches in the US per month despite shocking side effects

Ozempic’s popularity is on the rise, capturing the attention of both celebrities and influencers. However, crucial uncertainties persist regarding its safety and proper usage. This report on Ozempic delves into search engine data. Our objective is to unveil the factors influencing consumer behavior and address the unresolved risks confronting users of Ozempic.