The Intersection of AI Marketing and Health Data Trends

AI marketing insights and data analytics for health brands

Oh no… not another corporate blog! Don’t worry we are not here to brag. AI is changing the digital marketing landscape and we are here to guide you through. We deep dive into the real impact of AI on SEO and social media and offer practical advice for everyone in digital marketing. Secondly, since we are a specialist health marketing agency we also monitor and analyse online health data trends. We outline what is happening and what you need to watch out for. 

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Health Trends

Are Backlinks for SEO still important? They are, but Their Influence is Waning

Obtaining high quality backlinks for SEO is so tiring it makes training for the London marathon look like an episode of Peppa Pig. It’s not uncommon to spend days if not weeks chasing the best backlinks…

9 Steps to creating an effective Instagram strategy and why AI is not the answer

AI can be a great sidekick for an effective Instagram strategy, crunching data and crafting captions, but it can’t spark genuine connections. The secret sauce of Instagram success? It’s still human.” (Gemini, 2024)

Why AI content for SEO will harm your search rankings

AI content is a great short-term solution, but it won’t help you to rank or build brand authority over the long term. It’s like trying to make it in Hollywood by becoming a Tom Cruise impersonator. Your novelty act might win a few gigs, but you won’t be getting a call to star in Mission Impossible…

How can you prepare for Google AI Overview (SGE)?

In 2016 Google CEO, Sundar Pichai gave the world a glimpse into the future of the search giant by proclaiming “We will move from mobile-first to an AI-first world.” Since then, the company has been on a fast track to transform the role AI plays in our lives. Yet, the launch of ChatGPT has pushed Google to fast-track its AI ambitions leading to the launch of Google AI Overview, otherwise known as Search Generative Experience (SGE)…

SEO Services Explained: Discover What They Are and How AI is Redefining Them

Imagine if Steve Jobs had built the iPhone but decided not to market or announce its release. Instead, he quietly placed it on the shelf of a local phone shop, hoping it would transform the mobile industry. Clearly, it would not have worked. Yet, most companies do precisely this with one of their most important digital assets….

9 Steps to Master Technical SEO and How AI is Changing It

If technical SEO was a person, it would be an accountant at Apple. In a fast-moving and exciting environment, it is boring but necessary. Yet, a great technical SEO strategy can make a difference in how highly your content ranks on search engines like Google….

How to get more views on Instagram Reels in 19 steps

Getting more views on Instagram today is like the 1980s craze of spending hours trying to solve the Rubik’s cube— the seemingly impossible challenge everyone wants to master. Yet, despite rumours that your neighbour’s friend’s aunt has figured out a master hack, no one has actually seen it….

How will AI impact off-page SEO? 6 Steps to building an effective strategy that lasts beyond today

Neglecting off-page SEO is like building the best health clinic in the world in the middle of nowhere and then not bothering to tell anyone it exists. Occasionally hiking Harry may pass by but that’s just because he’s lost….

20 Ways to increase Instagram Engagement without using AI

Followers are vanity, engagement is sanity. Yet, a large following on Instagram continues to blind many. Yes, its impressive but without meaningful engagement, your Instagram presence becomes worthless. It’s like shouting in the middle of Wembley Stadium to thousands of spectators…

How to Get More Fans on Instagram – 23 Proven Steps Without Using Fake AI Tactics

Let’s start with the bad news. There are no hacks or magic tricks despite what Zach on YouTube says. “10,000 followers in 30 days” screams his video headline, only for you to spend 45 minutes learning absolutely nothing. This is because…