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A crowd of people are gathered making it difficult to be heard. This is why social listening analytics are important. Antlerzz, a marketing analytics agency provide insights to cut through the noise

Struggling to get heard? Our Digital Analytics Agency can help

Imagine sitting in a bustling coffee shop waiting for a date.  But, it’s too noisy and you can’t connect. Frustrating, isn’t it?  That’s what digital marketing feels like for many health brands. Over seven years, health app availability in the Google Play Store has surged by a staggering 174%. Getting heard online is now tougher than ever. Moreover, people now spend 2.5 hours daily on social media, so health companies need to respond. Our Digital Analytics Agency provides a solution. Our 360 analytics cover your entire digital presence from websites to social media. But it doesn’t stop there. We harness the power of social listening. This enables us to cut through the noise and provide analytics into what people are saying in your niche. So, don’t let your voice get lost in the chaos. Let us guide you.


Unleash the power of Social Listening with our Digital Analytics Agency

Imagine being able to hear what everyone is saying online about your niche. What they want, what they dislike and the questions they have. With that power, you could transform your digital marketing strategy. Therefore, as a Digital Analytics Agency, we harness the potential of social listening. Combined with our other 360 analytics, we give you that insight.

Our social listening analytics is like having a key. A key that unlocks the secrets of your target audience. We empower your team by tapping into online conversations. As a result, we uncover valuable insights, trends, and sentiments. It’s a treasure trove of knowledge that fuels your marketing strategies.

Consequently, our 360 data analytics transform your online decision-making. As a result, your health brand can stay ahead of the curve. So, let our social listening analytics be your ears. Together, we can listen to the whispers of the internet and guide you to success.

A man holds his fingers to his lips. He is trying to listen to what people are saying. It symbolises the services of Antlerzz, a digital analytics agency that provides social listening insights

Unlock and target your audience with our Marketing Analytics Agency

As a specialist Healthcare Digital Analytics Agency, we offer unparalleled insights. We can go deeper than others, uncovering online secrets revealed by social listening. Furthermore, we blend this data with our other powerful 360 insights. As a result, you can transform your online presence.  Moreover, as we provide you with the data, your team ascends to new heights of knowledge. Together we can unlock your target audience and:


Reveal the desires of your target audience


Stay ahead of industry trends


Identify new market opportunities


Obtain audience sentiments


Strengthen your content creation strategy

Overview: How our Digital Analytics Consultancy uses social listening to reveal online secrets

The number of health companies is growing at an unprecedented rate. Therefore, the competition to stand out is becoming fiercer. Yet, for many of these companies, they are in the dark about what their audience thinks and wants. Hence, you need the right tools and insights. Our Digital Analytics Agency can help. Through the power of social listening, we unveil hidden insights. As a result, we can ignite your online presence, leaving your competitors behind.  Our social listening insights cover:

Targeting your audience

Identifying and analysing conversations and trends across online platforms. We empower you with information about customer preferences, needs, and pain points, to improve targeting

Analysing your niche

Deciphering what people think about your wider industry and products/services. As a result, you can understand the questions and concerns people have to inform your marketing initiatives

Competitor Analysis

Monitoring competitor mentions, sentiments and marketing performance. This enables you to gain a competitive edge through benchmarking and adjusting marketing strategies

Brand Management

Analysing what people are saying about you and your products/services. This can help inform your content strategy. Furthermore, you can engage them by answering their most pressing questions

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To grow online, it is crucial to understand the cross-platform impact of your actions. Each of your digital assets is sending signals to another. Thus, our clients buy our analytics as a package, covering several platforms. As a Digital Analytics Agency, we know social listening is just a part of the puzzle. Click below to discover the diverse array of insights that our analytics encompass.

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