The reason PR is not enough to significantly improve website visibility in search results

Many health companies employ PR strategies to create a buzz around their offerings, a savvy approach that undoubtedly generates short-term awareness. However, relying solely on PR is insufficient for consistently drawing organic traffic to your mission and improving website visibility in search results. Take, for instance, the Wonderland Conference, renowned for its dedication to psychedelic medicine. In this year’s conference, they are expanding their focus to encompass longevity and mental health, acknowledging the intricate connections between mental health, longevity, and psychedelic medicine. Research has revealed that mental health issues, such as depression and substance abuse, significantly reduce lifespan. Psychedelic treatments have shown promise in addressing these concerns. While this mission has garnered substantial mass media attention, there remains untapped potential to significantly boost organic traffic to their website, a topic we’ll explore in this article.

PR will improve website visibility in search results but is not enough

The Wonderland Conference, organized by Microdose, a company dedicated to raising awareness about the potential of psychedelic medicine, benefits from Microdose’s established online presence. Microdose leverages its platform to promote the conference, effectively generating awareness and helping improve website visibility in search results. Furthermore, they strategically generate backlinks, a practice that contributes to bolstering the Wonderland Conference website’s domain authority.

A backlink is a hyperlink from one website that directs users to another website. In the context of the Wonderland Conference and its organizer, Microdose, backlinks play a pivotal role in strengthening the conference website’s domain authority and enhancing its visibility in search results. As previously mentioned, Microdose actively promotes the Wonderland Conference on its already-established online platform. This involves creating content, articles, or pages on the Microdose website that link back to the Wonderland Conference website. These backlinks function as endorsements, signaling to search engines that the Wonderland Conference website is reputable and relevant within its niche.

Search engines, such as Google, assess both the quantity and quality of backlinks when evaluating a website’s authority and trustworthiness. When reputable websites like Microdose provide backlinks to the Wonderland Conference, it not only drives referral traffic but also elevates the conference website’s domain authority, helping to improve website visibility in search results. A higher domain authority can result in improved search engine rankings, enhanced visibility in search results, and ultimately, heightened exposure and credibility for the conference. Furthermore, the Wonderland Conference is not merely securing backlinks from Microdose; they have also been featured in numerous publications, further fortifying their domain authority and elevating their position in search engine rankings.

PRs Limitations to improve website visibility in search results

However, the Wonderland Conference appears to have overlooked some critical aspects of website optimisation. Their front-end website does not appear to be optimised. Search engines rely on well-structured websites to effectively comprehend and index content. When a website lacks optimisation in this regard, it becomes more challenging for search engines to interpret the content, resulting in reduced visibility in search results.

Additionally, it appears that the conference website has not been optimised for relevant keywords, as most of the traffic is via branded searches. Keyword optimisation is pivotal for enhancing a website’s search engine ranking and attracting organic traffic. By strategically incorporating pertinent keywords into their content, meta descriptions, and other on-page elements, the conference could significantly boost its visibility in search results.

Failure to address these issues represents a missed opportunity. Optimising the website for faster loading times, improved front-end structure, and relevant keywords can substantially enhance the site’s performance in search engines and ultimately improve website visibility in search results. Consequently, this optimisation can drive more traffic to the website from individuals who may not yet be aware of the conference, ultimately expanding its reach and potential attendance.


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