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Are you tired of your marketing content being ignored? Our healthcare marketing firm helps you become visible

We believe health experts should be heard. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to ensuring online visibility for leading health companies. We achieve this by looking ahead at the latest health trends and the impact of AI on online platforms. As a result, our healthcare marketing firm provides 360 analytics. Our insights diagnose why your online marketing is not working and how to fix it. From web search optimisation to social media, we cover all your organic traffic needs. Work with us and increase your sales and investments.

Our healthcare marketing firm helps you get discovered. Test your website strength below

We are a data-driven company with many tools to evaluate your online performance. This includes your website. Search engines assess the strength of a website based on many factors. The tool below provides a rough estimate from 1 to 100 of how Google views the strength of your website. Higher scores increase the likelihood of ranking highly. Our healthcare marketing firm can help.

DA: Domain Authority indicates your website’s overall strength

PA: Page Authority is an indicator of the strength of a specific web page

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Our healthcare marketing services

As a specialist healthcare marketing agency, we pride ourselves on the breadth of data we have. Our analytics cover many different facets of your online ecosystem. Furthermore, our insights extend beyond the present, encompassing strategies for sustained growth amidst ongoing online AI advancements. Our healthcare clients typically buy our analytics as a package. This includes multiple technologies for the full benefit of our 360 marketing insights. However, we can break them down into four core services. Click on the services below to find out more.

Search Optimisation

Social Media

Social Listening

Our analytics saves you time and upskills your team

We are a unique healthcare marketing firm. Antlerzz exclusively partners with companies dedicated to improving human health. As a result, we can offer superior insights. We empower your team through analytics and remove the need for implementation fees. Therefore, no more fluctuating results when your agency partner leaves. Instead, we provide long-term coaching, demystifying the process and putting you in control

Upskill your marketing team


Save time and money


Offer industry specific insights


Accelerate multi-channels


Stay ahead of the latest health and AI trends

A gold data insight machine that is towering upwards and projecting data insights. It symbolises the services of Antltlerzz, a healthcare marketing firm

Want a free report?

We believe our unique model can power any organisation’s online marketing efforts. As a result, health companies can achieve greater trust, visibility and growth. Contact us now if you are interested in receiving a free high-level sample report of your website.

A woman holds a hologram of marketing data insights in her hand, which is being projected from a tablet computer. The image symbolises the marketing data insights, Antlerzz - a healthcare marketing firm - gives in it's free reports
A diagram designed by Antlerzz, a digital healthcare marketing firm. The diagram illustrates how different components of the online ecosystem impact each other from websites to social media. Each of these systems is sending a signal to another

The 360° healthcare marketing firm

It is clear, exercising while consuming junk food cannot lead to optimal health. This is because our organs have interconnected functions. The same principle applies to online marketing. As a healthcare marketing firm, we specialise in delivering comprehensive 360 marketing solutions. This means we analyse the causations and correlations between your various digital assets. From search engines to social media platforms, each system sends signals. As a result, they impact one another. Through deep diving, and staying ahead of the latest AI trends, we uncover how you can harness these signals to drive online growth. Click the button below to discover how our analytics work

Our healthcare marketing packages

We have developed three core packages so you can get the full benefits of our unique data insights. As a healthcare marketing agency, we aim to fuel your strategic digital marketing. We become your data brain, helping you stay ahead of the latest health and AI trends. Moreover, we provide you with specific steps on what you can do. Consequently, you can increase your digital ecosystem presence. We are happy to discuss each and tailor them to your needs. To discuss our packages book a call now


Designed for organisations at the beginning of their online marketing journey.  We guide you in the right direction so you can grow online. This includes:

How to drive traffic to your website;

Search engine-optimised website

Content insights

External positioning

Front-end technical insights


Created for health companies that have an online presence but want to transform their digital marketing performance. We work closely with you to grow your online visibility. This includes:

Everything in the Progressive Package

x 2 Social media channels including how to grow and get more engagement

Strategic consulting

Managed Partner

Intended for organisations dedicated to being the best online. We work side by side with you to the point you wonder why we are not at your Christmas party. This includes:

Everything in the Pro package

Social listening

Google Analytics insights