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Discover the future of marketing data insights. Antlerzz believe SEO services in London and globally should concentrate on more than your website. Therefore, we extract data from your entire digital ecosystem and provide entertaining yet valuable insights.


I am looking for SEO services in London, do you perform this service?

Yes, we do. However, we consider ourselves to be more than an SEO consultancy. Many SEO services in London focus only on your website performance. In contrast, we provide data insights into the entire online digital ecosystem. We do this because poor performance in one area can impact another. Our analytics provide cutting-edge insights and identify cause and effect across different platforms. Furthermore, because we are a specialist healthcare marketing firm, we can provide deeper insights. The result is increased visibility across the online digital ecosystem, not just your website. To discover how our analytics work, you can read more on our services page.


How does your offering differ from traditional London-based SEO services?

Many SEO services in London, follow a traditional consulting model. Such an approach includes taking over your website for a short period. However, this can lead to your teams not being upskilled or empowered. In contrast, we believe our clients already have the best experts in-house to implement solutions. That is why we analyse vast quantities of data and provide simple reports with instructions. The result is an empowered and upskilled team armed with data insights and knowledge to make interventions.

In addition, we use a variety of tools and techniques to get the best data insights. These include tools for social listening, social media, SEO and Digital PR. We can even reverse-engineer your competitor’s best online marketing techniques.


How are Antlerzz different to other digital agencies, that provide social media insights or SEO services in London?

Our mission is to make health and scientific experts more visible. To achieve this, we use our bespoke data insights and machines. We are different because our data insights take a 360-marketing view of your online digital ecosystem. As a result, our clients can understand the interdependencies of their online marketing. Consequently, our clients can make more effective interventions, enabling them to become more visible online, trusted and grow.

In contrast, some digital marketing agencies or SEO services in London will offer only specific data analysis. For example, they will focus on your social media or website. However, we go much further. Our packages include data insights into multiple technologies. These include social media platforms, websites, tools for social listening, and data analysis of your competitor’s marketing strategies.

Furthermore, we do the hard work, so you do not have to. We do this by interpreting the data insights and giving detailed instructions on how you can implement the recommended interventions. Also, we provide our analysis through a deep understanding of the industries our clients serve, meaning our advice is more effective. In addition, we have a bespoke analysis model. The model uses cognitive science, commercial insights and digital innovation. As a result, we believe our customers get unrivalled data insight into their online digital ecosystem.


Do you work with non-health related companies?

The answer depends on the definition of health. At Antlerzz, we are happy to work with any company that shares our mission of creating a happier, healthier, more passionate world. Included is both physical and mental well-being. If you care about people and their health, we want to hear from you.


Is it important to include social media as marketing strategy?

According to projections, 4.4bn people will soon be using social media globally. Therefore, the message is clear. If you do not use social media as a marketing strategy, you will fail to target your audience effectively. Consequently, you will miss critical opportunities to build trust and grow. We use data insights to help our healthcare clients create a more bespoke marketing strategy on social media. In return, they can target their target audience more effectively. 

It is worth noting that effective marketing strategies on social media can differ, regardless of what the blogs and videos on the internet suggest. Whilst there are broad principles like creating great content or finding trending hashtags, these alone do not build great strategies for social media marketing.

Data insights can help. Good analytics can help you understand your audience, social media algorithm changes, content and your competitors. Moreover, your insights should go beyond the existing social media platform you are on. To grow you need an effective 360 marketing strategy. That’s why as a London based healthcare marketing agency, we focus on more than SEO services or social media.  So next time you are sitting at your desk frustrated, stop. Searching Google for “how to increase social media engagement rate” or “how to increase brand awareness social media” will not help. The answers you will find will only give you a small part of the answer. Use data insights instead to transform your marketing strategies on social media.


Do you serve other locations even though you are a digital marketing agency in London, UK?

Yes, we do. We are happy to work with clients globally. However, they must share our mission of creating a happier, healthier, more passionate world. As a specialist healthcare marketing firm, we believe people should have access to the best health information. With the rise of information on the internet, it is too easy for good health information to be drowned out by less trustworthy voices. Therefore, we want people to hear the voice of experts.

While we offer a range of marketing insights, including SEO services in London, to boost online visibility, we recognise that this is a universal challenge Consequently, we are delighted to work with health brands, irrespective of their location. We understand that some clients may prefer local data analytics companies to foster a closer relationship. To address this, we prioritise communication and regularly engage in video calls or in-person meetings whenever possible.

We might be a London-based healthcare marketing firm, but our machines extract data from the digital ecosystem, so locality is not an issue. There are many companies providing marketing consultancy into the areas of social media, social listening, digital PR and SEO services in London and across the world, but few share our mission.


Do you have tools for social listening?

Yes, we do! First, let us clarify the question, “what is social listening?” to ensure we are on the same page. Social Listening is a way of analysing and computing data points across your digital ecosystem. It covers a range of technologies, including social media, blogs and websites. Consequently, social listening can help you learn what people say about your organisation and your popularity. It is one measure used to understand your digital-ecosystem strength. With our tools for social listening, we analyse your performance across multiple digital channels and provide a snapshot of interventions you can make. Our Social Listening services are typically provided alongside our other analytics. Our London based SEO services combined with social media services are enhanced through the use of social listening analytics.

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