Antlerzz: The Healthcare Digital Agency On A Mission

Accelerating the future of health optimisation with marketing insights

We believe health experts should have their voices heard. That’s why we do what we do

Antlerzz is a healthcare marketing agency based in London. We recognise health misinformation is growing online. To help, we use our data machines to analyse your entire digital ecosystem. Our analytics and industry knowledge can accelerate your online marketing visibility and increase brand trust and growth. We are your simplified marketing data brain.

We empower health organisations through data insights

Data is rapidly increasing across the digital ecosystem. Therefore we use our unique data insights to power health organisations. We are a digital healthcare marketing agency  with diverse backgrounds in health and tech. This fuels our mission to help health organisations get their voices heard. As a mission-driven brand, we do as we preach.

A gold brain inside a computer network. This is to illustrated the data insights provided by Antlerzz, a healthcare marketing agency

A healthcare marketing agency that turbocharges your 360 online visibility

Online digital marketing is complex, involving various technologies from search engines to social media. Each has it’s own distinct algorithms and demands. These technologies can influence one another, impacting the online visibility of health organisations. To address this, our healthcare marketing agency offers comprehensive 360 marketing analytics. Leveraging our industry expertise and extensive data, we transform insights into easily understandable reports. Our analytics encompass the following areas:


Web search optimisation


Social media


Social listening

We only work with organisations who share our mission

We believe in a world where human health and happiness should be prioritised. Therefore, as a healthcare marketing firm, we only work with organisations that are in the business of achieving this goal. By focusing on these organisations, we are able to provide deeper industry data insights. As a result, we provide marketing analytics to three broad industries. These are made up of various professionals from scientists to health tech.

Longevity industry

Health Tech

Health Testing

We believe in the power of positivity and fun. We are no ordinary healthcare marketing agency

There are times when completing a task or reading an article can feel like such a chore you would rather watch a documentary about the evolution of worms. However, studies show feeling uninspired can result in shorter telomeres, the tiny bits of DNA that impact our lifespan. Therefore, we make everything we write as inspiring and fun as we possibly can. This includes our social media posts and the articles we share for the world to read (Please read them and press like – it will make our telomeres happy).