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Struggling to get reach? Our London Social Media Marketing Agency can help

Are you stuck in a social media Groundhog Day with little engagement? Frustrated by poor reach while others in your niche thrive? It’s time for a change. As a specialist healthcare marketing agency, we’re on a mission to help you stand out. Expert health brands face a challenge on social media: their valuable content is getting drowned out by less competent voices. But we’re here to disrupt that pattern. With 82% of consumers trusting social media opinions, it’s crucial for health brands to be seen. At our London Social Media Marketing Agency, we’ve developed a powerful analytics offering to supercharge your presence. Let’s break through the noise and make a real impact on human health together.


Our London-based social media marketing analytics can ignite your reach

Don’t fall for the simplistic social media marketing myths that promise overnight success. Posting pretty pictures won’t magically bring in thousands of likes and millions in revenue. Let’s face it, seeing a lawnmower photo won’t make you rush out to buy one.

Many health brands’ social media efforts drain time and money without delivering the desired results. Why? Because they treat it as a never-ending advert. But here’s the truth: people don’t enjoy being constantly sold to. The key lies in building lasting trust and authority with your target audience.

Therefore, as a London-based social media marketing company, we use our powerful analytics to help guide our healthcare clients. We decipher trending content, AI and algorithm changes, competitors, and influential accounts. Consequently, our health clients make informed decisions and build trust on their social channels. The result is greater influence and long-term growth. So, let’s ditch the myths and build a data-driven foundation for success.

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Skyrocket your health brand with premium London social media marketing specialists

Amidst countless self-proclaimed London social media marketing experts, Antlerzz truly stands out. Firstly, we practice what we preach. Our dedication to building our own channels has made our Instagram page a top-performing health account in terms of engagement. This has been achieved through studying the latest AI and algorithm advancements. Secondly, unlike others, we don’t take over your social media channels. Instead, we empower your teams through powerful analytics, fostering their understanding and growth. Thirdly, as a healthcare marketing firm, we possess unrivalled insights of your niche. With Antlerzz, you’ll unlock a premium service and get:


Insight into influener tactics


Better engagement by gaining audience insight


Insight into the latest AI and algorithm changes


Reverse engineerd competitor tactics


Data-driven insights from a top health account

An Overview: What our London-based social media marketing analytics include 

With 4.9 billion people using social media worldwide and 76% making purchases influenced by it, getting your content seen is tougher than ever. Moreover, health accounts struggle with less than 0.5% engagement on Instagram, a platform that surpasses many of its competitors in terms of reach. Therefore, you need the right insights, tools and skills. Our London social media marketing agency can help. Specialising in Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok our data-driven approach ensures your content reaches the right audience. Our game-changing social media marketing insights include:

Social Media Content

Deciphering your content, we also reverse engineer your competitors’ tactics. Our insights review how you compare, unlocking opportunities for increased audience engagement and growth

Algorithm analysis

We dissect the platforms’ algorithms to identify why your content is not performing and what you need to change. We analyse emerging trends and how your competitors are adopting them

Follower Insights

Data analysis of your followers and your competitors’ followers. We reveal insights into your target audience’s interests, engagement, and behaviour, leading to improved targeting strategies

Influential Networks

Run analytics to identify influential accounts following you to help you build relationships and leverage their influence for growth. Depending on platform, we can estimate the influence of specific accounts

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To grow your online presence, it is important to consider every action you take. Specifically, how your activity on one platform impacts another. Therefore, our healthcare clients buy our analytics as a package, covering multiple platforms. Our London-based social media marketing analytics is just one part of the equation. Click below, to discover what else our insights cover.

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