How to get more views on Instagram Reels in 19 steps

Getting more views on Instagram today is like the 1980s craze of spending hours trying to solve the Rubik’s cube— the seemingly impossible challenge everyone wants to master. Yet, despite rumours that your neighbour’s friend’s aunt has figured out a master hack, no one has actually seen it. 

The truth is that there is no master hack. Getting more views on Instagram is a process and takes time to understand. Like, the Rubik’s cube, you need to understand different permutations and moves. Moreover, suggestions that AI can transform your Instagram presence are wrong. Whilst AI in social media is changing how the platforms work, it will not give you more views.

Therefore, dust off your Rubik’s cube. It’s time to understand how you can get more views on Instagram.

What are views on Instagram?

Views on Instagram typically refer to the number of people who view a Reel. Instagram Reels are short-form videos and offer an alternative to TikTok. 

However, views can also refer to the number of people who have seen an Instagram story. However, since Instagram Reels are the key to growth and engagement, we’ll focus on strategies to boost their views. 

Why are views on Instagram important?

More views on Instagram means more people see your content. This means more engagement and an increased probability of gaining followers. In short, views on Reels are perhaps the number one indicator of whether you will grow and gain influence on Instagram. 

Getting the targeting correct is the most important factor to get more views on Instagram

How do you get more views on Instagram Reels?

If you are looking to get more views on Instagram you need a clear Instagram strategy. You will need to include and understand how to get more engagement and followers on the platform. Moreover, you should also try to understand how the Instagram algorithms work. Alongside these steps, below you can start to put in place the foundations to getting more views on Instagram.

In the following steps, we outline not only how you can get more Instagram views but also how you can leverage AI. Whilst AI cannot directly give you views, it can be of assistance.

1. Targeting is critical to driving engagement and more views

Research has found that targeted ads increase click-through rates by 670% in comparison to non-targeted. Whilst ads are not the focus for getting more Instagram views, they illustrate the importance of getting targeting right.

Yet, unlike ads, there is no clear way of targeting when creating Reels. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. The best Instagram accounts are focused on a niche, and they create content that resonates with it.

The Instagram algorithms seek simplicity. So, if you run a health optimisation clinic, it’s really difficult to continuously go viral and increase your views if you constantly change subjects. For instance, a Reel about NAD+ levels declining as you age followed by a Reel about Vo2 max is likely to confuse the algorithms. 

Moreover, whilst you may work in a specific niche, it may not be big enough for Instagram. For example, if you provide telomere testing, creating lots of content about telomeres may sound like a good idea. However, the hashtag #teleomeres has been used less than 20k times meaning the interest is not strong enough. Therefore, you will need to consider alternatives that enable you to discuss your subject matter expertise whilst getting more Instagram views.

Not everyone on Instagram is interested in your content. So, it’s important you learn how to create a niche and facilitate targeting. Using AI can be of an assistance as you try to work through your targeting. For instance, use tools like ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas. However, ultimately finding your niche takes time and you will need to deep dive into Instagram. 

2. You can get more views on Instagram if you understand your status

Understanding your status is important when getting more Instagram views. It’s the same laws that apply across the universe. For instance, Taylor Swift could release a song about spilling tomato ketchup in the kitchen, and it would still be downloaded millions of times. Swifties would likely interpret it as a profound metaphor for the struggles of growing up amidst the scrutiny of social media. 

So, it’s important to remember, not all accounts are equal. Therefore, to get more views on Instagram Reels, you need to create content that aligns with where you are in your journey.

Smaller accounts should look to similar accounts in their niche who are getting lots of views. So, if you sell gut health services it’s best to avoid looking at Dr Mark Hyman for inspiration. He has almost 3m followers on Instagram and most of his Reels are clips of his podcast. This won’t work unless you have a large following. 

This is another reason why relying on AI will fail to deliver more Instagram views. Most AI platforms will look at the top-performing content across the top influencers. You need to be smarter and get into the details of where you are on your journey.

To get more views on Instagram you need to post a lot in the beggining

3. If you are small, keep posting. A lot

To get more views on Instagram Reels, you need to train the algorithms so they understand what your content is about. The best thing you can do is post a lot in the first few weeks. This means posting perhaps 3-4 times per day.

Just remember to keep your content consistent and look out for which types of Reels are getting the most views. If you find some high performers, create similar content using the same format. For example, if you create a high-performing Reel that jokes about waiting for dumbbells at the gym, find other funny things about going to the gym.    

4. Hashtags provide insights into the algorithms and can increase your Instagram views

Trending hashtags are perhaps not as important as you may think. Oftentimes these hashtags are too competitive, not linked to your niche or too ambiguous.  However, that doesn’t mean hashtags shouldn’t be used to get more Instagram views. 

Identify a handful of hashtags that align with your content niche and use them consistently. However, it’s important to investigate the hashtags before you use them. For example, imagine you sell continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). After discovering CGMs have increased 200% in interest in the UK you may decide to focus your Reels on people using CGMs. Moreover, the hashtag #CGM has been used almost 700k times on Instagram. However, using it will not necessarily help you get more views.

It appears this hashtag is related to a confusing combination of posts. This includes photos of Hollywood actress Chloë Grace Moretz in her bikini. Unfortunately, if people want to see bikini photos, they might be left disappointed with your CGM.

Moreover, AI tools that help identify hashtags are typically focused on what’s trending. However, they do not tell you which hashtags align to your content so becoming over reliant on them will not lead to more views on Instagram Reels. 

5. Create quality videos but don’t make them too professional

To get more Instagram views, it’s important not to make your Reels look too professional. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about the quality.

You need to consider a range of factors such a lighting to the clothes you wear. In reality, people want a glimpse into your authentic life but not so authentic it reminds them of being stuck in an office in the middle of November as rain crashes against the window. 

You could consider using AI editing tools to help enhance the quality of your content. However, this can be more time-consuming than practising how to shoot quality Reels organically.

Finding the right content is important to get more views on Instagram

6. Finding the right content is important to getting more views on Instagram

Quality content won’t get you more views on Instagram Reels. However, the right content will. The right content is content that not only aligns with your niche but also mirrors what people on Instagram expect. The only way to understand that is to take time to look at lots of different Reels on a consistent basis. Content types change and you will need to adapt.

Moreover, the right type of content is very specific to Instagram. For instance, if you provide biological age testing, you may know the documentary “Limitless” starring Chris Hemsworth was popular amongst longevity enthusiasts. However, Instagram is not designed for long-form content.

Instead, you will need to see how you can adapt it for Instagram. One option might be creating short Reels depicting someone’s health interventions and the impact using your biological age kit.

Some popular types of Reels to increase views on Instagram include:

  • Leveraging famous people and places
  • Hacks and insights
  • Suspense
  • Surprising facts
  • Inside humour
  • Before and After
  • Reviews
  • How to

Therefore, spend time understanding the types of content that get the most views

7. Is there any optimal time to post? Perhaps.

You will hear a lot of noise around optimal posting times. Yet, there is no such thing. The best time for you to post will depend on your account and followers. Moreover, it’s not always guaranteed to make a difference. 

You can check when your followers are online by looking at Instagram audience insights. However, what you will see is a common time period when most of your followers are active. If you choose these times, it’s likely this is a popular time and so it may mean you face greater competition.

Therefore, test and learn. Post at different times of day to see if it has any impact on the number of views you get on Instagram.

8. AI to drive Instagram views is pointless

Ever since Reel views on Instagram become one of the key metrics to success, AI tools have emerged. For a fee they promise to deliver more views and shortcut your journey to getting influence.

However, this is not sustainable. These views will be achieved through bots automatically watching your content. So, if you want to continue getting views you are going to need to keep paying. Moreover, it’s not clear how many actual humans will see your content. 

Increasing views on Instagram Reels takes time but there are no shortcuts using AI.

9. Don’t babble on. Get to the point and create succinct videos for more views on Instagram

The maximum length for an Instagram Reel is 90 seconds. However, for small accounts, most Reels that last the maximum length are not successful.

This can feel daunting. Imagine you want to create a Reel about the dangers of Ozempic and why in the US, searches for Ozempic side effects are only around 17% of the total volume of people searching for the jab. That’s difficult to do, especially if you try to do it in the recommended 15 seconds or less.

That’s why you need to focus on a single key point. Moreover, simplify your message and focus on making your content engaging. 

Using AI like Gemini and ChatGPT might be useful if you are stuck. Ask these tools to suggest an engaging key point. However, the best thing is to look at other accounts in your niche to see how they are getting more views on Instagram Reels.

10. Become an expert at creating catchy headlines

A good headline can draw attention and pique curiosity, ensuring you get more views. In the early stages of your Instagram journey, headlines can play a much bigger role. For example, imagine you create an account focused on metabolic health. 

Without a headline, you will either need to speak meaning you can’t leverage trending audio (see below) or act whatever you are doing. Unless you are Charlie Chaplin and have high expertise in silent theatre, acting without headlines or speech won’t work.

Yet, the headline needs to capture attention and make people want to continue watching. For instance, compare the following headlines:

  • Headline 1: Metabolic health is good for longevity
  • Headline 2: When I tell people studies show our metabolism is stable from the age of 20 to 60…

At Antlerzz, we used headline 2 on one of our Reels and received a lot of views on Instagram. This is because headline 2 is much more effective at creating an element of surprise. After all, most people assume metabolic health gets worse as we age.

Therefore, practice creating great headlines. You can even use ChatGPT to help you although it’s important you understand your audience and what triggers them. 

11. Grab attention quickly to get more Instagram views

On Instagram Reels, the first few seconds matter. In reality, if you haven’t captured the attention of your audience in the first 1 to 2 seconds, you are unlikely to get more views on Instagram Reels. 

Your goal, therefore, should be to create an immediate reaction. This can be achieved in several ways from saying something surprising to creating a sudden movement. So, if you want to discuss why interest in cold water therapy has skyrocketed by 633% don’t spend the first 10 seconds explaining what cold water therapy is. Get to the point. So, a scene of you jumping into the water or saying something shocking about cold water therapy straight away is important.

AI on its own will not help you to do this. Instead, you will need to be creative and think about what your audience reacts to. You can use tools like Gemini to provide ideas but the best thing you can do is spend time watching Reels.

It is important to grab the attention quickly to get more views on Instagram

12. What’s behind you is as important as what’s in front

Pay attention to what’s happening behind you. It’s not uncommon to see Reels where someone has spent time finding nice clothes, making sure their hair is perfect only to see a cluttered ugly background. There is a reason why top musicians spend millions on stage production and visuals. After all, if scenery didn’t matter, they could just jump on stage with a microphone and speakers.

Moreover, make sure your scenery says something about your branding. For instance, if you run a health clinic it’s tempting to shoot all your Reels in your clinic. Creating some Reels in your clinic is great if it looks visually interesting. However, if it doesn’t your Reels can quickly look like they are taken in a hospital.

Therefore, you may want to consider using other locations that say something about your services. For instance, if you help people with athletic performance, Reels in an athletics stadium could be a good option. So, if you want to get more views on Instagram Reels you need to think about what’s behind you. 

13. Equipping yourself with the right tools can help increase views

For most accounts, all you need is a good camera phone. However, depending on your niche you may want other tools.

For instance, if you create a running account like we have, it can be difficult to shoot a video because there is a lot of movement. Running with a camera is difficult and doesn’t produce great-quality videos. Therefore, you will need something to help keep your camera stable.

Other factors such as lighting and editing clips also play a big part in getting more views on Instagram. Whilst most of the existing Instagram editing features are sufficient to get more views, it’s worth understanding what you want to create and what other tools you will need. 

Instagram is a great place for audio and you should leverage it. However, there is no need to use AI tools to find trending audio. When you create a Reel, click to add music and look out for an upward arrow. This will tell you if that song is trending.

By using trending music, you increase your chances of your Reel being viewed by more people on Instagram. Therefore, it’s important to understand how to select trending music.

Dont believe it if people tell you they have a hack to get more views on Instagram

15. Don’t believe everything the Instagram growth hackers tell you

Instagram is full of growth hackers, claiming they have discovered a secret to helping you grow. Some of the advice is sensible. Yet, the majority is designed to increase their own views on Instagram. 

For instance, one advice we saw trending included stuffing the caption (the text field of your post) with keywords. This reel received hundreds of thousands of views. Sounds like great advice, right?

Unfortunately for the creator when we looked at their other Reels, we saw they got very few views. Therefore, it’s not the keyword stuffing that was helping them. But rather it was the suspense and excitement they had generated. People were watching so they could discover that magic trick to grow. Unfortunately, like all magicians, it’s not really magic.

The best advice we can give is to spend time reading this article, looking at Reels in your niche and trying to grow.  

16. Use captions to get people to rewatch and increase views on Instagram Reels

The more time people spend engaging with your Reel, the more people Instagram will show your content to. This increases overall Instagram views.

One trick is to encourage people to spend time looking at your caption. This is the text field you can use to provide additional context for your Reels. 

For instance, if you want to create running-related content, you could create a reel that has the headline “How to run faster without getting tired…”

After a few seconds tell the audience to look at the captions. It’s frustrating for viewers but if they really want to know the answer, many will jump into the caption to discover how. 

Moreover, you may choose just to add more details regardless. The more exciting or interesting people think your Reel is the more likely they are to spend time reading what you have to say in more detail. You can also use AI tools to suggest good copy for the caption. Just make sure you use your own thoughts and voice alongside it.

However, it’s worth noting this will not work for everyone. It’s important to test and learn to see what content works for you. 

It is important to talk back when people comment to get more views on Instagram

17. People like reading comments so talk back. It can increase the number of Instagram Reel views

Many accounts fall into the same trap. After creating and publishing a Reel they just sit back hoping to get lots of views on Instagram Reels. Yet, they fail to do the basics of talking back to their audience.

If someone leaves a comment take time to answer back. Moreover, try and ask open questions to the person commenting if possible. The more dialogue the better.

The reason for this is that people love to read comments and the more time they spend reading comments the more views you will get on your Instagram Reels. Moreover, people are more likely to leave comments if they see other people have commented already. 

Ultimately, Instagram values people spending time on their platform. If you can help keep people on it, they will reward you with more views. 

18. Consider using aggregator/republishing accounts to get more Instagram Reel views

This step will depend on your niche. For instance, for running, there are accounts that specialise in publishing content from other accounts. All you need to do is reach out to the account and ask if they would be willing to showcase one of your Reels.

Often these accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers meaning their reach is significantly higher than yours. Whilst this will not increase your views on Instagram directly, it can be a useful way of growing and driving more awareness of your content.

19. Do joint Reels with an influencer

If you have access to an influencer in your niche, try and do a joint Reel. This means the Reel you create will be shown to both your audiences.

However, there are many AI tools that enable people to gain fake followers. Therefore, not all influencers are actually influential. Therefore, it’s important to understand how to identify genuine influencers who will help increase your Instagram views.

Moreover, whilst this can be a great short-term boost to your reels, it is not sustainable. You will still need to undertake all the other steps in this article to get more views. 

However, if you do find an influencer, make sure they are aligned to your specific niche. For instance, if you have an account about healthy food recipes it might be tempting to use someone who is influential in weight training. Yet, if that influencer rarely talks about food, it may not be the best option as it can confuse the algorithms.

To get more views on Instagram there is other factors than AI that is more important

Can you get more Instagram views using AI?

Unfortunately, if you want to get more views on Instagram Reels there are no shortcuts. It’s tempting to believe the AI hype and hope with one system and the push of a button you will get influence online. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works today. In truth, it’s unlikely to ever be the case.

Just think about it. If all you needed was access to one AI platform to get more Instagram views and influence, what would stop everyone from doing the same? In this alternative AI world, everyone and anyone could gain influence. Yet, by making increased views and influence so easy, the system destroys itself.

Influence is based on some people having a platform and others not. It’s the reason why on a sports team there is only one captain. In a multinational corporation, there are fewer people at the top than at the bottom. No system of influence can survive if everyone has an equal voice. In that scenario, everyone is just talking over each other leading to chaos. 

So, if you want to get more views on Instagram it’s important to take the time and resources to grow properly. Follow the steps in this article. Whilst there might be no AI magic tricks, by following the advice in this article you can increase your Instagram views and gain influence. 


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