Competitor Spy – Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Digital Marketing Strategies

You can have the best product in the world. But if nobody knows about it. It doesn’t matter

Why is your competitor gaining more online attention when your product or service is superior? We unlock their secrets for only £99

It’s time to take control. For only £99, we will reverse engineer your competitors digital marketing strategies. In the report, you will recieve insights into:

  • How much traffic your competitor is getting and why
  • What content is driving traffic to them so you can improve on it and steal it away
  • How customers are finding them in search engine results so you can replicate and improve on their strategy
  • Where they have been featured so you can prioritse your own PR strategy
  • Which websites they have relationships with so you can take control

Get a report from a digital agency without paying agency fees

Competitor Spy comes to you in partnership with Antlerzz Digital Marketing Agency. Antlerzz is a specialist agency for health brands. Yet, we understand paying agency fees is not always possible for everyone.

Therefore, we provide you with agency insights so you get a flavour of what is possible. For only £99 you can get a snapshot into what your competitor is doing to grow online. Best of all, all our reports are created by experts in the world of health marketing.

How it works

Simply press the buy now button and make sure you enter your competitors URL in the checkout. You get to pick one competitor per report. For the best results, please select a competitor who is established and likely to be getting online traffic. 

We will then get to work and send you a report into your competitor and their online marketing strategy. You will recieve this in 2 working days.