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Health Testing companies have been growing rapidly. A good digital marketing agency can unlock the challanges that come with it

Got great tests but little online traffic? Our digital marketing agency can help

Forget fad diets and generic workout routines. Data insights through at-home health tests are the next step in personalised wellness. As a digital marketing agency for health testing companies, we help drive this change.

Yet, in this rapidly expanding sea of gut tests and DNA kits, standing out can feel impossible. For some, it can feel more difficult than building a rocket for space with paper and glue. Over the last few years, competitors have multiplied faster than lab results. Moreover, raising awareness requires more than just a catchy slogan.

As a digital marketing agency, we have analysed some of the best health tests in the world. From that, it is clear many companies struggle to project a clear differentiator. How do you make your new gut health test more appealing than a competitor?

Moreover, how do you reach people who haven’t even begun to consider your test’s existence? We delve into the deep data ocean, wielding 360° online analysis. As a digital marketing agency for health testing companies, we evaluate large volumes of data. We scour search engines, social media, and digital footprints to uncover what consumers want. In return, we identify how you can hook them into your unique health story.

Our digital marketing agency can drive your online growth and sales

The benefit of at-home health tests is that they take the guessing out of health optimisation. If you have gut issues, you no longer have to try and test your diet. Instead, you can quickly see what nutrients you are lacking, what allergies you have or what you need to add to your diet.

Our services provide a similar solution for online marketing. Rather than guess why you are not getting online visitors or followers, we take a data approach. As a digital marketing agency, we focus this approach on consumer intent.

By taking a consumer intent approach, we investigate, at volume, what people want and why. We delve into user mindsets across a multi-channel approach. As a result, our digital marketing agency helps ensure your message reaches the right people. This helps drive meaningful connections and propels your brand.

Partner with Antlerzz and let us be your compass. We will guide you through the maze of digital marketing and towards a thriving brand. As a specialist digital marketing agency for health testing, we know what you need.

We increase online traffic through the services provided by our digital marketing agency

Optimise your health tests’ online visibility with our marketing insights

There are many digital marketing agencies. Yet few can proclaim to have the depth of insight Antlerzz has in health testing. This makes us stand out. As industry specialists, we understand different tests require a different approach. Therefore, working with Antlerzz can drive accelerated online growth through bespoke strategies. Furthermore, our approach stands apart from other digital agencies. We refuse to cloud our work in secrecy by taking over your online assets. Rather, we provide marketing insights to your teams. This ensures they understand how to grow your business going forward. Working with a marketing agency specialising in health testing, you can expect:


Bespoke Health Test marketing insights


Increased online traffic


Greater brand exposure


Engaged loyal following


Improved sales through targeting

An overview: How the digital marketing agency for health tests drives attention

We deliver a variety of digital marketing services designed for health testing firms. As a digital marketing agency, we provide tailored guidance, aligned to your requirements. Explore our services to gain a thorough insight into what we offer.

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