Forget the Preventive Medicine industry, join the Carrot movement instead

Why data without analytics will see functional medicine doctors fail

If you took data insights at face value, you would have good reason to leave the preventive medicine industry faster than Usain Bolt can run the 100m. The Preventive medicine industry includes several practitioners like functional medicine doctors. Using our digital ecosystem machines here at Antlerzz, we discovered approximately 210 Google searches for “preventive health” per month in the UK. In comparison, 40.5k confused people searched for “carrots”, seemingly unaware of what a carrot is. However, 1.6k people were not satisfied because they frantically delved deeper into their discovery and searched, “are carrots good for you?” We are not nutritionists or functional medicine doctors. However, I think the answer is yes (apparently, they contain antioxidants and vitamin A).

People are confused what a carrot is. Maybe functional medicine doctors should re-evaluate their priorities

Not everyone is as enthusiastic about carrots

Should functional medicine doctors abandon the preventive medicine industry?

If Carrots are such a popular search term compared to Preventive Health, is it time for functional medicine doctors to find a new occupation? Absolutely not! Context and data analysis matter. Increasingly target users are becoming more educated and asking specific questions. For example, searching for carrots is a sign of people’s interest in being healthier (or maybe carrot influencers on Instagram are becoming more popular?!). Preventive Health and functional medicine are booming,  just not the search term.

Perhaps functional medicine doctors should assess why carrot influencers are so big on social media. Or are they?

Who hasn’t heard about the increasing number of carrot influencers? Hmm..not us!

At Antlerzz, we provide deep insight into the online digital ecosystem. We do this by analysing the data insights we extract and putting them in context. It is crucial to understand connections in your data and delve deeper into the psychology and behaviour of your target audience. Moreover, understanding the industry context is essential. At Antlerzz, that’s what we do.

Functional medicine doctors might be safe but they are not as popular as eggs

Admittedly, I am deliriously happy it doesn’t look like the carrots industry will overtake the preventive health industry anytime soon. Functional medicine doctors are safe! When I was a kid, my mother would force-feed me a raw carrot whenever I complained I was hungry. As such, my relationship with carrots has become uneasy ever since. Therefore, I Googled if the fear of carrots is a phobia people have. Surprisingly, no such condition exists (is there anyone else out there?). Lachanophobia, the closest phobia, is a fear of vegetables. If carrots were the next super industry, I might struggle. I had full sympathy for people with the condition Ovophobia, the fear of eggs when that stupid egg photo went viral. It even overtook Kylie Jenner as the most-liked post on Insta! If you are a functional medicine doctor, is this something you can treat? If so, please leave a message below.

Wondering if a fear of eggs can be treated by a functional medicine doctor

I wonder if this avocado could outperform that egg?

However, if you are looking to diversify your business, carrots might be a good opportunity. Here is a collection of our favourite carrot-related searches with answers:

Are carrots good for dogs? 2900 Searches per month

Surely a better question is, do dogs even like carrots? Your dog is probably judging you if you offer him a carrot, “what’s that? I’m not a rabbit!” However, if you insist, carrots are good for your dog in moderation. They are full of vitamins like A and C. Consequently, carrots are beneficial for your dog’s eyes, fur and muscles whilst providing antioxidants to help fight diseases. I told you carrots were a sign of preventive health interest!

“Is carrots a vegetable?” 260 Searches per month

What else could they be? A rare breed of duck? Yes, they are root vegetables. You do not need a preventive medicine doctor to answer that.

“Who invented carrots?” 10 Searches per month

Hmm…not sure how you think this works. I doubt Leonardo da Vinci was concerned by the invention of root vegetables. It’s believed the plant originates from Persia and Afghanistan. Furthermore, carrots became the vegetable we see today after many centuries of selective breeding.

Can “carrots turn you orange?” 40 Searches per month

Seriously preventive medicine industry is this your competition? Surprisingly the answer to this is yes. However, you would need to eat over 10 carrots a day for a few weeks to get enough beta-carotene, the cause of the skin colouring. My mind is officially blown! If you turn to any other colour, please call a functional medicine doctor immediately!

“Carrots on pizza” 20 Searches per month

Just no. This is a crime against Pizza

“How much carrots is too much?” 20 Searches per month

Is this a problem you seriously have? Carrot addiction? You could call the Samaritans for help or try and eat less than 10 carrots a day (apparently that’s the benchmark to avoid getting orange skin.)

“Vitamins in carrots” 2400 Searches per month

Okay, you might be onto something. There are worse things to be addicted to than carrots. Some carrot nutritional benefits include; vitamins A, C, K1 and B6, calcium, iron, biotin, potassium, and lutein. Hmm… Maybe we should join the carrot industry!

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