What is SEO in digital marketing? Your easy-to-understand guide to the services SEO agencies provide and how they differ from other marketing agencies

First, we need to explore the differences between an SEO Agency, Agency for Digital Marketing and Data Analytics Agency

When trying to find marketing consultants in London or globally, it can often feel like you need five PhDs to understand what services they provide and the differences between them. The question, what is SEO in digital marketing, is easy to answer. However, the situation is complicated by the names marketing agencies adopt. Whilst, some proudly call themselves an agency for digital marketing, others try and differentiate themselves by calling themselves an SEO agency or an analytics agency. However, is there a difference? Or is it marketing consultants doing what they do and using marketing jargon? For an industry that appears to only speak in some strange three-letter acronym language, that would hardly be a surprise.

Marketing jargon can be confusing. What is SEO in digital marketing? We help clear it up

What is up with all the strange three-letter acronym language

So, what is SEO in digital marketing? A guide to what an SEO Agency does

Remember the three-letter acronym language? Here is one of the most popular words. SEO in digital marketing stands for search engine optimisation. SEO services in London and globally work with clients to try and increase their position in search engines like Google. Have you ever wondered why Amazon appears on the first page for every search you make? Try searching Lifelike Elephant Inflatable. The result? Amazon appear at the top! Who buys such things? It happens because Google algorithms measure websites for over 200 factors. Included in the factors are relevancy and authority. Therefore, the higher your website authority and relevance, the more likely it is to rank highly and get visitors.

We can answer what is SEO in digital marketing and help businesses rank higher in search engines like google

Google algorithms measure websites for over 200 factors

Will SEO agencies help me rank higher?

An SEO Agency is a type of agency for digital marketing. As you may have guessed, it specialises in trying to help the website of its clients rank higher. As a result, SEO agencies provide many services similar to each other. These include backlink building (getting other websites to link to your site to get more authority) and identifying popular Google search terms. Popular search terms, known as keywords, can be placed on your website to increase your position in search engines. Moreover, they also perform technical audits of websites.

An SEO agency in London or globally will likely focus only on your website. However, to confuse everyone, they might offer additional services like content creation. Furthermore, many SEO agencies follow a traditional consulting model. Consequently, they deliver bespoke projects to increase website rankings for their clients. There are some excellent companies offering SEO services. However, you should be careful and ask questions when agreeing to let someone take control of your website. Some SEO services continue to use “black hat” tactics. The result of these tactics can provide a short-term boost to your Google rankings. However, Google has continued to crack down on these tactics. Included in these types of tactics is creating thousands of backlinks from untrustworthy sites.

It is important to avoid agencies using black hat tactics to rank higher in search engines

Some might turn to black hat tactics to rank higher in Google

How do SEO agencies differ from an agency for digital marketing? They too may provide SEO services

Agencies for digital marketing provide a range of services. In truth, this is a broad term that can include SEO services and data analytics but does not have to necessarily. 

Hmm – great, that is clear! 

“Digital marketing agency” is like the word vehicle, just slightly sexier. A vehicle can be a car, truck or motorbike. Likewise, the name digital marketing agency is generic and informs us that the company does something related to marketing. However, it does not indicate the specifics of what the company does. Digital marketing consultancy firms offer a wide range of services from paid media/adverts to creating digital content, videos and more. Moreover, agencies may also help clients with marketing for social media and work with influencers. However, to confuse you, even more, some companies may call themselves social media agencies which in truth means they are an agency for digital marketing that specialises only in social media. 

Glad we got that cleared up!

It can require effort to understand what different marketing agencies do and answer what is SEO in digital marketing

Well, that clears it up

How about Data Analytics Agencies?

To be more confusing, data analytics agencies may or may not specialise in marketing. Some build complex algorithms, platforms and workflows to service various business functions such as finance. Marketing data analytics agencies often provide services including Google Analytics set-up and analysis, CRM extraction, and visualisation using dashboards. Therefore, if you use data for strategic digital marketing, these companies probably deal with it. However, data geeks, like us at Antlerzz, also want to feel sexy. Therefore, they may also refer to themselves as an agency for digital marketing.

What type of service does Antelrzz provide?

At Antlerzz, we are an agency for digital marketing, specialising in data insights and analytics. However, our data analytics services provide a specific set of data insights. We use our data machines to draw insights from your entire digital ecosystem. Therefore, we analyse all your online platforms. As a result, we provide enhanced visibility everywhere online. Some organisations will offer data insights of a specific social media platform or your website. However, unlike SEO services, our data insights go much further. We analyse multiple social media platforms, tools for social listening and websites. In addition, we provide data analysis of your competitors and their marketing strategies. We provide a luxury service for our clients because we do the hard work. Therefore we interpret the data and provide detailed steps so our client can make effective interventions. As a result, they can focus on the activities most important to their business.

We provide detailed steps so our client can make effective interventions

We do not consider ourselves an SEO consultancy in London, but many of the data insights we analyse will cross over with SEO services. However, the power of our data rests in the ability to analyse the entire digital ecosystem as performance on one platform can impact another. Your website is not the only important factor in marketing.

So is there no clear definition?

The definition of SEO in digital marketing is clear. SEO is about increasing your position in search engine results like Google. Unfortunately, the services SEO agencies and other marketing agencies provide are not clear. However, using the broad principles mentioned above can provide some guidance. Regardless of specialism, marketing consultants in London and globally can refer to themselves as an agency for digital marketing. Nevertheless, digital marketing agencies that specialise in a specific field often provide greater clarity by calling themselves a data analytics agency or an SEO agency.

If you want to know more about our insights and the reports we provide, please feel free to reach out to us at info@antlerzz.com or follow us on Instagram @antlerzz_longevity


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