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Struggling to get seen by the press? Our PR Agency insights can help

We believe that health is too important for great health services, innovations and products to be lost in an online wilderness. Yet, for many health brands, digital marketing can quickly become tiresome. They feel invisible as traditional publications continue to write stories about organisations with personal contacts in the press. Therefore, it can feel like there is a glass ceiling to success. That’s why Antlerzz is on a mission to transform your online presence with our digital PR service.  Yet, we are more than a PR agency. With a data-driven approach and targeted outreach, we go beyond temporary boosts, focusing on building your brand’s long-term online strength. Together, let’s shatter that ceiling and transform your online presence.


Our PR Agency strategy is endorsed by Google’s SEO expert

Imagine improving the health of an entire population by knocking on one door at a time. Sounds inefficient, right? That’s why our approach is incredibly powerful. Antlerzz isn’t your average PR agency; we excel in Digital PR. Unlike traditional methods, our approach revolutionises the game by targeting publications en masse. We combine this with our wider SEO strategy. This includes helping you to get backlinks, to increase the authority of your website. The result is long-term organic traffic.

Google’s own SEO expert John Mueller endorses this innovative strategy. In short, it works like this. You write your own press releases, guided by our insights. After all, you are the experts of your organisation. Consequently, we do what we do best. We use our analytics to target publications in your niche at scale.  As a result, different publications may publish your content.

Furthermore, we identify high-authority websites in your niche. Getting backlinks from these websites and your press releases increases your website’s authority.  The result is consistent traffic!  So, say goodbye to one-door-at-a-time strategies. Embrace the power of Antlerzz to transform your digital presence.

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More than just a PR Agency. Our approach transforms your entire online visibility

The PR industry is largely a relic of the pre-internet era, relying on personal relationships that provide short-term boosts in visibility. However, Antlerzz is at the forefront of the digital revolution. Our Agency’s PR approach combines targeting journalists in your niche at scale with comprehensive marketing analytics. Consequently, you obtain long-term visibility and a strengthened online presence. Moreover, we believe in transparency, which is why we empower your teams through analytics, fostering learning and consistent results. As a result, you can achieve:


Increased exposure from publications


Higher search engine rankings


Positioning as an industry thought leader


More backlinks to improve website authority


consistent organic traffic

An overview: The services provided by our PR Agency

Short-term media exposure from a PR agency can be beneficial. But what happens when you stop paying? Your business loses visibility. At Antlerzz, we take a different approach. We build a long-term 360 marketing machine using our tools and insights. PR goes beyond press releases for us. It includes short-term exposure whilst generating consistent organic traffic to your valuable content. Our Digital PR services encompass various components to ensure lasting success:

PR Content Strategy

You are the experts of your organisation. Therefore, we do not write press releases for you but rather use our insights to advise your experts on the type of content publications in your niche want

Digital PR Targeting

With our advanced targeting tools, we curate a portfolio of niche publications and journalists. We strategically target them with your content to maximise publication opportunities

Authority Backlinks

Online visibility goes beyond press releases. We analyse high-authority websites in your ecosystem to identify opportunities where you can be cited. The result is increased trust and organic traffic

Competitor Targeting

Organisations in your ecosystem may have many backlinks, increasing their authority. We reverse engineer the sources of these backlinks and identify opportunities to replicate their backlink strategy

Our healthcare marketing services

To grow online, it is crucial to understand the cross-platform impact of your actions. Each of your digital assets is sending signals to another. Thus, our health clients buy our analytics as a package, covering several platforms. As a PR Agency, we know getting published is just a part of the puzzle. Click below to discover the diverse array of insights that our analytics contain.

Services Overview

Web search optimisation

Social Media

Social Listening