The benefits of content marketing and how it can help transform the present healthcare system

There is an urgent need for a shift in the current healthcare system. Long waiting lists, staff shortages, and ambulances that take hours to arrive are just a few of the challenges facing the UK’s healthcare system. Politicians are concerned; it doesn’t seem like they have found a solution. One way of addressing this issue might be surprising. This article will illustrate the benefits of content marketing and how influencer marketing can significantly contribute to bringing about a significant shift. The assistance can come from private enterprises in health tech, where there has been rapid growth in recent years. In the UK alone, investment has increased from £345 million in 2016 to £3.13 billion in 2021, representing a growth of nearly 800%. Health tech often helps improve personal and preventative care at home. This is in contrast to the current reactive healthcare model, which is akin to waiting for a bomb to explode before defusing it. It is far better to prevent diseases before they manifest.

Empowering Progress through Influential Partnerships

One company utilising AI to detect patterns in health data is Fountain Life. The company boasts an impressive board of directors, including one of the founders, Tony Robbins. They offer various membership levels with varying services. However, the service comes at a cost. The price point itself is too high for many. But there is a larger issue at hand. Gaining access to information about the company’s existence and its potential benefits for humanity requires a massive amount of marketing and content creation to educate people. The benefits of content marketing are huge, and can in return lead to lower prices, if demand for the companies offering is increasing.

The benefits of content marketing in social media

Fountain Life is active on social media and posts regularly. The company was founded in 2019 and already has 4400 followers on LinkedIn and 12,900 followers on Instagram. The competition in the health space is immense, and most health start-ups struggle to gain traction on social media. This, therefore, appears to be a promising start. However, given the influence of their founders and advisors, this is merely a drop in the ocean. They possess significant potential to reach a much larger audience and grow rapidly.

Tony Robbins has 6.7 million followers on Instagram, and Dr. Mark Hyman, one of their medical advisors, has 2.6 million. These are just two examples of the numerous influencers who could assist Fountain Life in reaching a broader audience. One of the greatest challenges for any health startup is ensuring that their content reaches enough people. This is where reach becomes crucial, and Fountain Life has the opportunity to leverage its reach effectively. Of course, there are alternative methods to increase reach, but using influencers proves to be highly effective. It serves as a critical means to ensure that more individuals are educated about preventative healthcare and can access it.

Amplifying Impact: Influencer Engagement as a Catalyst

Fountain Life has the advantage of not needing to search for influencers. Nonetheless, collaborating with other influencers in the health sector holds immense benefits. As long as they identify authentic health influencers based on their engagement levels on social platforms, their potential reach could extend to hundreds of millions. Collaborating with them on social media posts also sends signals of a community aligned to their mission. By employing the right messaging that focuses on emotional storytelling, they can reap the benefits of content marketing by educating people and make them aware of the possibilities for improving their health. Tony Robbins and his team should have no difficulty communicating in a manner that is both comprehensible and appealing to the masses.

The benefits of content marketing in Shaping Perceptions

As the gap between the rich and poor widens, bridging the healthcare access divide becomes increasingly crucial. Content marketing plays a pivotal role in creating awareness among the public. As long as this awareness reaches a critical mass, politicians will be better positioned to enact changes in the current healthcare system. After all, it’s the voters’ opinions that guide their actions.

Fountain Life possesses the potential to genuinely transform the healthcare landscape. By leveraging AI, they can help people prevent diseases before they even start. Through harnessing their reach and effectively utilising the benefits of content marketing, they can educate more individuals about preventative healthcare and enhance its accessibility. This presents an outstanding opportunity to effect meaningful change—a chance that should not be overlooked.


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