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Oh no… not another corporate blog! Don’t worry ours are hilarious (at least some of them like why people love their cats more than their families). We use our health marketing data insights and analytics to analyse what’s happening in the industry and how companies can improve their online visibility. Take a look and let us know your thoughts (Just don’t hurt our feelings – please)




From Wim Hof to Your Bathtub, Why Cold Baths Are the Hottest Trend: A Cold Therapy Consumer Insight Industry Report

Cold therapy represents a paradigm shift in how we think about health. We use our data machines to analyse online trends into cold therapy. As our exploration unfolds, we ask are is cold therapy really a surging trend or is it just noise generated in the echo chambers of social media. We analyse how trends are shaping across the world and why.

Psychedelic Compound Industry Report: Consumer Insights Reveal Surge in Interest, Prompting Concerns About Illegal Use

Once associated with counterculture, psychedelics are now at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry. Anticipating a shift from a $2.6 billion to a $7.1 billion market by 2032, analysts foresee a 10.9% compound annual growth rate. Success hinges on emerging research, showing promise in treating conditions like PTSD. However, obstacles like public perceptions and limited research on long-term effects persist. In this report, we analyse online data. Moreover we reveale consumer sentiments that will shape the future of the Psychedelic Compound Industry.

What is methylene blue used for? The Rising Health Trend of Methylene Blue Revealed in a Comprehensive Consumer Insight Report

What purpose does Methylene Blue serve? Consumers are employing it to enhance their cognitive function. In this consumer insight report, we examine online data to unveil the intricacies of this trend. As a digital agency specialising in healthcare, we interpret substantial amounts of online information, revealing the motivations behind its usage and the associated concerns.

Ozempic User Insight Report: Over 1m searches in the US per month despite shocking side effects

Ozempic’s popularity is on the rise, capturing the attention of both celebrities and influencers. However, crucial uncertainties persist regarding its safety and proper usage. This report on Ozempic delves into search engine data. Our objective is to unveil the factors influencing consumer behavior and address the unresolved risks confronting users of Ozempic.

CGM Market Consumer Report: Young Health Enthusiasts Drive 200% Growth

The CGM market is growing fast. Online search trends indicate there has been a spike in interest. In this report, we investigate the reasons

Pet Longevity Industry Report: A Consumer Insight Report

Over recent years, the pet longevity industry has undergone significant transformation. From health tracker to supplements, new innovations are emerging. It is predicted that the industry is set to boom. In this report, we analyse how interest in the pet longevity industry is changing and why.

Best Health Tests and Clinics in the World

We review the best at home health testing companies and health clinics. The list is the ideal starting point for anyone looking to optimise their health, but dont know where to start. These tests cover different areas of people health. Therefore, there is a test for everyone.

Holistic Health Trends 2024: A Search Engine Consumer Industry Report

In the world of holistic health, frustration grows among practitioners due to misconceptions. Our report delves into holistic health trends. Examining online data, we uncover a stable yet misunderstood trend. We unpack what people are really looking for and how the industry can respond

270,000 people join the Tally Health waitlist to become younger

Embark on a journey to optimal well-being with Tally Health, a game-changer in personalised health solutions. With a waitlist boasting 270,000 eager individuals, Tally Health unveils the mysteries of your biological age through its cutting-edge TallyAge clock. Imagine knowing the true age of your body and receiving customised lifestyle recommendations, backed by the scientific expertise of Harvard geneticist Dr. David Sinclair. We explore who they are and why they have become so popular

Could Chat GPTs predictive marketing capabilities put our health at risk?

The next tech revolution has commenced. Chat GPT is taking the world by storm and has the potential to transform how marketers target consumers. This could bring predictive marketing to a new level. Should we be scared?