How this groundbreaking longevity company simplifies science and uses digital marketing to drive age reversal

Many science-led companies struggle to be seen online as they are leading with their research appealing to the research community instead of the end consumer. NOVOS labs are different. They place geroscience at the core of its products, but market it in a simple way. Their patent-pending NOVOS Core is a powdered formula with 12 active ingredients targeting key aspects of age reversal. NOVOS goes beyond talk, backing it up with action. Their product line includes NOVOS Age, a potent biological age test kit empowering customers to monitor lifestyle choices’ impact on ageing progress. Yet this innovation on its own is not enough to attract new consumers and investors. NOVOS labs have understood the importance of being more visible and thus have used digital marketing to drive their products.

Their website educates users on longevity lifestyle choices, while NOVOS Age’s third-generation test precisely measures epigenetic ageing, biological age, and telomere length. These are all measurements that say something about your health and how optimal your body is functioning. The more optimal the less likely you are to get diseases. Yet, these are not optimal ways of communicating to people that don’t understand the science of ageing reversal. After all, how many people know what a telomere is?

Their CEO is taking age reversal seriously by reversing his own age

CEO Chris Mirabile’s personal journey exemplifies NOVOS’ effectiveness. Despite getting a brain tumour diagnosis as a teenager, his recent testing showed a 31% slower ageing process, appearing 13.5 years younger. His disciplined lifestyle, along with NOVOS Core and Boost for three years, contributed to his success. This is a great story, which is a powerful way to communicate with the wider public.

NOVOS effectively uses digital marketing to spread their message. By leveraging digital platforms, they aim to reach a larger audience, promoting age reversal and the transformative potential of their approach to longevity. A key differentiator of NOVOS’ digital marketing approach on Instagram is their emphasis on education over relentless self-promotion. By prioritising educational content, they are positioning themselves as thought leaders and experts in the field of age reversal and longevity. This builds credibility and trust among their followers, as they are providing valuable information without a constant push to buy their products. This trust and credibility are essential in the longevity industry, where people may be sceptical about potential treatments or products.

Leveraging influencer marketing to build trust and educate people in age reversal

To further build trust they are associating themselves with influencers as seen on one of their Instagram posts where they were interviewed by Tom Bilyeu. He is known for his passion for longevity and has a staggering 1.9 million followers on Instagram. His interviews are also hugely popular. To be visible on his platforms is a great strategy and contributes to building a good brand reputation. This is not the only time Novos labs have been interviewed on reputable platforms.

However, to build a strong digital marketing strategy Novos would generate a lot more attention around their brand by leveraging this on their own platforms. This will put them in a great position in the future and has the potential to generate a lot of organic traffic without spending their marketing budget on Ads and PR. One way they could do this is to do a joint post with Tom Bilyeu asking him to also share it amongst his followers. This could bring in a lot more followers on their Instagram that they could speak to directly themselves. As a healthcare marketing firm, we recommend our clients to use influencers to talk about their products but not in a way that makes it sound like a product launch. A study found ROI for influencer posts announcing new products was 30.5% lower than for equivalent posts that were not about new product launches. By leveraging influencers correctly from an early stage, this could set your company up for greater success in the future. Yet, influencer marketing is just one tip to grow on social media. Our social media marketing services provide a greater depth of insights.


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