How Digital marketing for investment firms can help longevity investors escalate their business

The global Longevity Economy reached £17 trillion in 2019 and is projected to reach £27 trillion by 2026. Investors are keen to tap into this rapid growth, but there’s a significant challenge at play. Many investors are adhering to traditional investment approaches and missing out on massive opportunities by neglecting digital marketing for investment firms. This article aims to highlight these missed opportunities and how investors can reap substantial benefits by adopting a less conventional approach, particularly by maximizing their online presence. 

The elephant in the room: not utilising digital marketing correctly, a prominent longevity investment fund, is currently witnessing substantial growth in the field of longevity research and investment. Over the past three years, they have made more than 40 investments in longevity-related companies, boasting an impressive track record, including one IPO and the emergence of their first unicorn. Petr Sramek, the founder of the fund, draws parallels between the current state of the longevity investment market and the early days of AI investments. He notes that the real breakthroughs in longevity are happening now, with investor awareness on the rise. Sramek identifies longevity as a “mega-trend” driven by multiple factors, such as technological advancements and an aging population. He underscores the importance of diverse approaches to address aging and expresses optimism about the future of longevity investment. This underscores the importance of adopting digital marketing for investment firms. employs a strategy called network-based investing, collaborating with prominent leaders in the longevity field. Traditionally, they have leveraged platforms like LinkedIn to tap into their existing network, effectively building an impressive LinkedIn following of nearly 2,000 followers. Their LinkedIn presence showcases their involvement in the Longevity Hackers movie, narrated by Hollywood actor Edward Norton. Their consistent LinkedIn activity reflects their industry understanding and connections. However, with their extensive network and industry knowledge, there is considerable untapped potential that could accelerate their business growth significantly, particularly through the strategic use of digital marketing for investment firms.

Digital marketing for investment firms can escalate the longevity industry

Google evaluates website strength based on numerous undisclosed factors, resulting in a score from 1 to 100. For context, Amazon has a website strength of 96, while’s estimated website strength is 22. While a commendable start, this score could be elevated further by strategically generating backlinks from the numerous companies they have invested in, as these companies likely have their own websites. Backlinks, or incoming hyperlinks from other web pages, are vital for improving website strength and this can be achieved through effective digital marketing for investment firms. Companies often pay for backlink-building services, but could achieve this organically. However, this requires a strategic approach involving the use of appropriate keywords and content creation. Antlerzz marketing firm offers services in this domain, providing analytics and step-by-step guidance to effectively enhance website strength, even enabling junior staff members to become highly proficient in this field.

The longevity investment market holds tremendous potential for growth, and investors must adapt to seize the opportunities it offers.’s success underscores the importance of digital presence and the strategic use of digital marketing for investment firms. Maximizing website strength through backlinking is a key avenue for growth, and by strategically implementing these tactics, they can unlock even greater potential in the longevity investment landscape.


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