This Clinic Ranks number 1 on Google for ‘Best Longevity Clinic in the World’ Yet, it isn’t enough to generate high search traffic is on the first page of Google for the longtail keyword “best longevity clinics in the world.” This is a strong claim, with the potential to generate high search traffic in the future if they stay on the first page. With early access to clinical trials and research studies on longevity, grounded in scientifically proven methods, they have the potential to fulfill this claim. Petr Sramek, who co-founded the clinic and is a managing partner of, highlights the promising landscape of longevity investments. He compares it to the earlier stages of the AI sector before valuations surged. Sramek believes the longevity field is maturing. He draws parallels between the current state of longevity and AI a few years ago. If manages to sustain its position as the “best longevity clinic in the world,” it will be in an excellent position to fulfil its mission of making radical improvements and measurable extensions for people’s active and healthy lives. This also holds significant financial potential. However, to increase their chance for success and generate high search traffic, it is crucial that they optimise their website for search engines and create content around relevant keywords.

There will be lots of competition to rank high in the longevity space are currently in a critical state. If Peter Sramek’s prediction comes true, the world will be flooded with competition. Moreover, every company will dream of being on the front page of Google for this exact phrase and similar ones. The reason for this is that appearing on the first page of Google for a popular search phrase generates high search traffic to their website without extra cost. If they put in the work now, they can keep their marketing costs to a minimum in the future. Their focus can then shift to managing the influx of customers due to the increased website traffic and achieving their mission. Yet, there is a catch. To rank high on the first page of Google for key phrases that many people search for requires a deep understanding of the industry. Here’s why. 

To generate high search traffic having industry knowledge is crucial

If you run a longevity clinic, the natural search phrase to use with the intention of generating high search traffic would be to try and rank for the key phrase “longevity clinic.” is already ranking for this on the first page, aided by having it as part of their name. Unfortunately, there are only approximately 100 people searching for this in the US per month. As most people live nowhere near this clinic, it is unlikely to attract numerous new customers. However, there might be way more than 100 people every month interested in optimising their health. Most people would like to be as healthy as possible. Even though only a few percent of these people have the mindset and money to proceed, the more “normal” this becomes, the more potential customers there are.

Currently, there are a lot of people interested in longevity, yet they don’t use this word when they search. For example, NMN has become known for its potential longevity benefits. Last month, there were 22,000 searches for this phrase alone. According to, the number 1 result in Google’s organic search results has an average CTR (click-through rate) of 27.6%. This means that on average, more than 6000 people every month will click on your website if you rank for this keyword alone. However, it does not mean you can just start writing content about NMN and expect to rank for it. The competition for this is already fierce and requires a deep understanding of the longevity industry to rank effectively. Moreover, understanding people’s intentions when they search for a product or service demands industry knowledge. According to a study, 81% of consumers go online to find information about a product or service before making a purchase. has enormous potential to generate high search traffic’s claim to be the “best longevity clinic in the world” carries significant potential, backed by early access to rigorous longevity research and clinical trials. Co-founder Petr Sramek’s optimism about the longevity investment landscape, akin to AI’s early stages, underscores the promise of transformative advancements. However, they face a critical juncture as competition looms, emphasising the importance of securing a top spot on Google through a deep understanding of the industry and user intent. Establishing a strong online presence now is imperative, given that consumers increasingly turn to the internet for product and service information, positioning companies to thrive as the longevity industry continues to evolve.


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