About Antlerzz

It’s our mission to create a more connected, healthy and passionate world. As an agency for digital marketing, we simplify science and provide our clients with data insights (just not the boring stuff)

A phone is held in the hands of a person with digitally connected networks surrounding it. The persons online behavior is being analysed

We believe in making things simple

Sir Richard Branson, the hot air balloon expert (and business genius), once said, “Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated.” Therefore we are passionate about making our data insights simple. As an agency for digital marketing, our clients receive clear steps they can implement with ease. Several techniques are used for this, from industry data analytics to tools for social listening. Ultimately this empowers our client’s decision-making. Working with us should be like a Master’s degree in data insight meeting an episode of Sesame Street (minus the puppets)

We believe work and life should be fun

We take our work and mission seriously which means we insist on having fun. Studies show optimism can lower the risk of heart disease by 35%. Moreover, a positive mindset can increase human lifespan by 15%. Therefore, spreading positivity and fun is fundamental to having a healthy life. That’s why we insist on having entertaining meetings and reports – we don’t want to kill our clients!

A young woman smiles as she talks into the phone, whilst holding a computer tablet. She looks like she is having fun at work

We believe trust is fundamental to humanity

Antlerzz is not an ordinary digital marketing consultancy. We believe without trust, human health and happiness are impossible. That’s why we specialise in helping health experts increase their online visibility. We want online health information to be trusted. The UK’s intelligence arm, GCHQ has made tackling online disinformation a key priority, using AI. Therefore it is clear, that misinformation is a problem that needs to be solved.  Our comprehensive marketing insights can help. When coupled with our continuous exploration of the latest health trends and online AI advancements we help elevate the online growth of expert health brands.

Our Story – A digital agency with a mission

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking it’s going to be another boring corporate tale from a digital marketing agency. Nope, we dislike that too. This is our real story. In 2009, Line and Indi (the founders) met at university, driven back to do a Masters because they wanted a career with meaning. However, a long-haired, rock n’ roll wannabe meets Norwegian ‘where’s my 5 a day’ princess, was not supposed to turn into a friendship. It didn’t, it turned into a strong life-changing relationship that has driven us to where we are today. (Platonic relationship – this isn’t a Hugh Grant film but we do recommend Notting Hill if you have some time to kill).

The worst idea we have ever had

The next few years were filled working across a range of industries and roles as we solved complex digital innovation and commercial problems for companies ranging across healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail and digital agency advertising. However, the London Marathon was when our world changed. As we made our way down to the marathon route in East London, we saw a reality TV ‘star’ competing. We liked to run, so surely we could do it too? Born was the worst idea we have ever had. We decided to run our own marathon – with no training!

As you can imagine, it didn’t go well, as we huffed and puffed our way from East to West London finally collapsing on the grass of Richmond Park. Completely exhausted, we lay down contemplating our accomplishment when we saw the most beautiful creature – a deer with its chest out, looking content and its antlers standing powerfully proud. We didn’t know it yet, but this was the moment our lives changed and Antlerzz was born.

Digital marketing agencies need to push boundaries

You see, antlers grow every year. No matter what, they continue to change and grow back. The antlers were a perfect analogy for constant growth and strength. Like our crazy idea to run a marathon where we pushed conventional wisdom, we realised we wanted to do this every day (push boundaries, not run marathons)

On a data mission: The birth of an agency for digital marketing

Through the years we had grown frustrated at the division and misinformation that was spreading online/ social media about health. We wanted a world where leading experts from their field were trusted and for their organisations to grow. Using our unique backgrounds, we knew what we had to do. We had to create a company that uses data ethically to help organisations determined to make the world a happier, healthier place. These organisations need help to grow, build trust, empower their marketing strategies on social media and gain increased visibility across multiple digital channels. We had found our meaning (told you it wasn’t a Hugh Grant film).

The Founders

Line Wegner Hausken, co-founder of Antlerzz. She has dark hair that is tied back. She has big eyes and smiles, showing her teeth. She is wearing a black hoodie


Line has spent over 10 years working in the FMCG industry in different roles across the whole supply chain. This gave her deep experience in data analytics, negotiations and sales management working with preventative health, pharmaceuticals and in a leading global marketing company. She has a passion for data insight and how to make thing accessible for the masses.  

Line loves sports and competed in different disciplines growing up. She loves reading about emerging health trends that will change the world. If you want to be entertained you can ask her to do some acro yoga with you.

Line Wegner Hausken, co-founder of Antlerzz. She has dark hair that is tied back. She has big eyes and smiles, showing her teeth. She is wearing a black hoodie


Indi has spent over 10 years working for leading global consultancy firms in London, as a digital innovation consultant. He has worked with a range of clients, across multiple sectors from the NHS through to aerospace and digital media companies. He has a passion for data, emerging technologies and how his clients can adopt them first. 

As a word of warning he is a sports nut who loves clothes. Just don’t ask to see pictures of his wardrobe, talk to him about his favourite football team or “why blockchain is misunderstood” – you might need a few hours.

We believe everyone has the right to the latest health insights

Don’t you just hate it when organisations don’t practice what they preach? At Antlerzz, this is a pet hate. Therefore we spend several days each month, reading complex scientific research from scientists, who we assume have abnormally large brains (this is not one of the facts we researched) and making it simple for the masses to understand. Professor David Sinclair, a leading geneticist and human lifespan expert at Harvard University, says it is critical for scientific research to be accessible and marketing for social media can play a big part in spreading the latest insights. That’s why we donate several hours each month, translating the latest health research into simple yet fun content through our social media channels. We make it enjoyable through humour and storytelling – a highly effective method to ensure people remember what they read.

“… social media can be used as a first step to disseminate scientific messages well beyond the ivory tower”

Dr. David Sinclair